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People are at the core...

of every goal that an organization seeks to accomplish, yet understanding and dealing with people can be the toughest part of any business. Research shows that 70% of employees who leave a company, quit their boss, not their job. Further studies show that 80% of customers who quit buying from a company, do so because of how they were treated by a person, not because of the product. The inability to understand how we communicate with others, and the impression we create can chase away both good employees and good customers. When it comes to people, find your way with Sunstone.
  • Helps management improve their hiring performance and retain their key employees by assessing jobs, current employees, and potential hires
  • Helps leadership, sales, and operations teams understand their communication style and the impact it has on performance
  • Helps leadership understand and develop their corporate culture, including practical onboarding processes for new employees
Understanding ourselves and others is important, yet it is the area of "lowest visibility" for most leaders. Talking through issues with a coach helps leaders perceive the issues more clearly, make wiser choices, and achieve more consistent results.
Sunstone conducts workshops when training needs are identified among a team or group, especially communication issues. Individual training needs are addressed through self-paced online learning around core competencies.
Sunstone helps with certain aspects of human resources, such as assessments to evaluate job candidates, designing a practical onboarding process for new employees, creating employee handbooks, and training new and established managers on coaching employees, diversity awareness, and other topics.

It's hard to be objective about people. Hiring managers often choose people who interview well, but don't always perform well. But there is an objective way to look at potential hires and current employees, and to measure skills, communication style and more. This is best done with well-researched, validated assessments.