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The individual is the foundation of every team...

whether the team is a couple, a family, or an organization. When the individual is at his or her best and communication is clear, the team grows stronger. In return, the synergy of a powerful team reinforces the growth of the individual. Sunstone helps people to be at their best.
Coaching provides practical planning to achieve your goals, and helps you recognize blind spots and obstacles that inhibit your growth. Commitment, accountability and coaching are the three key factors necessary for an effective continuous improvement plan.
Through the use of an assessment and an hour or two of time, you and your spouse, or you and your family can learn how to effectively communicate, reduce friction, appreciate one another, and grow even stronger as a family.

Students who understand their communication style and their strengths are more likely to find the right educational and/or vocational "next step". Sunstone has assessments that can help with those tough choices.